We have been contacted via our Facebook group to ask if we have any Household items such as mirrors, cushions, bedding, kitchenware.

Clothing items are always welcome, Adults, Maternity Wear, Young Adults, Children’s and Babies. We sort them into sizes and store ready for referrals. Although we will often donate to Achieve With Us

Baby Items such as Baby Baths, Sterilizers, Toys, Toiletries, Nappies, Bottles, Play Mats, Cots and Moses Baskets. These are given to New Mums in need, Vulnerable Young Mums and those on a low income or having issue with Benefits.

Larger Items, occasionally we will get requests for things such as beds, washing machines, Sofa’s etc. Unfortunately we can’t always store these items ready for a referral however we can arrange for another local Charity to benefit from them.